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 Azar Soldoz Tesla Company, which started its activity in 2018, combined specialized knowledge and modern technology, designed and produced intelligent capacitors, and by doing so, was able to take an innovative step in the electricity industry.
The design team of the company under the management of Engineer Sharifi, observing the performance of existing capacitors and using design thinking, redefined the capacitors and their performance and concluded that to build a new generation of capacitors, you need a contactor, switch, The bus is not a special regulator or panel and can be offered in the dimensions and size of a computer case. Thus, a new generation of capacitors called intelligent capacitors was designed and produced. The highlight of this innovation is the elimination of harmonics in the network, without the need to install a harmonic filter.
At present, Azar Soldoz Tesla is the only exclusive manufacturer of smart capacitors.

Warranty: Our products have a 24 month warranty. By scanning the barcode QR inserted on the device, you can be directed to the warranty section of our website, and by viewing the company name and the installation date of the capacitors, you can be sure that they are genuine.

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  Urmia, Azar Soldoz Tesla Company
  09149466217 - 09144460977
  044-33871978  (FAX)
 Postal code 5716147401
 WhatsApp 09149466217



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