Reactive power is caused by the presence of selfie loads in alternating networks and is the main source of many costs and problems. The direct and indirect costs of reactive power in the network include occupying the capacity of transformers, cables, voltage drops and direct fines. These cases can be greatly resolved by compensating for reactive power. One of the basic ways to compensate for reactive power is the use of smart capacitors. Based on the network requirements, these capacitors enter the stairs of the capacitors into the network to keep the power factor to the desired level. Reactive power cannot be eliminated and can only be limited by reactive power generation methods. Smart capacitor is the perfect solution to reduce power losses, harmonics, control voltage changes, improve power factor, perform load balance and protect drivers and motors. Smart capacitor is a real-time response to industrial electricity problems. These capacitors sense the harmonic distortion and resonances generated by nonlinear loads in the network and provide an effective response to optimize and remove harmonics.


The philosophy behind the idea of smart capacitors is to improve power quality, energy efficiency and optimize power consumption.

Application: Smart capacitors can be used in all light and heavy industries such as steel and metal smelting, mining and cement industries, oil, gas and petrochemicals, marine and shipbuilding industries, automotive, automation, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food industry, chemical, urban facilities, refineries, subways, hotels, shopping and commercial centers, department stores, etc. He used it.

Advantages of smart capacitors in headlines :

  1. No interference of existing capacitor phases due to stellar shape, preventing energy loss
  2. According to the number one claim, due to the stellar shape and the existence of small sufferings entering and exiting less than 3 seconds into the main orbit
  3. Failure to create resonance due to the ability to enter and exit with low capacity into the circuit
  4. Long lifespan and easy and low cost repairs
  5. No need for contactors, automatic keys, regulators, main panels and sheen-drawing
  6. Easy installation without making fundamental changes to the main circuit
  7. Smart device that does not enter if the electricity flow is appropriate
  8. No need for lateral sampling device
  9. Ability to install in any location and any situation without affecting the quality of performance (LOCAL)
  10. Ability to repair each capacitor separately from the main system
  11. Sampling and reaction faster than similar market samples
  12. The internal network is completely erased from the reactive current.
  13. Lower costs in kilos.
  14. The whole system is seen in front of you.
  15.  If there is harmonics in the network, it has better costs because the capacitors do not need to be transferred to the ground by noel wire.
  16. Ability to install in induction furnaces that use a trans with motors.
  17. Removal of reactive girtoms and barractivine of all systems in the range of 350-450V and cleaning up electricity consumption in the complex.
  18. In the capacitors of the old model or the triangle for the capacitors, resistance is used, and when these resistances are burned or destroyed, the capacitor is not decharged and when reconnection causes bursting or burning contactors, this defect is generally removed in the smart compensator complex by disconnecting the noel by the relays.
  19.  Smart processors can be used instead of starter startups at a lower cost than those in the market.

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